About Advagy

Advagy is a Nashville-based digital marketing agency focused on delivering digital solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.

We leverage our expertise with the most sophisticated end-to-end platform and technology, specifically helping businesses grow.

The Marketplace

Our collective experience with many years in IT, Sales, Marketing, and Investing, has given us an edge in today’s marketplace we believe.

Our diverse areas of personal experience and success, leveraged with the experience of our full-team, lends to assist business owners and entrepreneurs with their digital marketing needs.

Who knew?

The information people have at their fingertips has changed everything. The information found online about a business and/or product determines what people think, where they shop, where they spend there money, and if they will ever buy from that business in the future.

For the most part, monopolies are a thing of the past when their brand can be tarnished by their actions in the matter of days. Negative reviews, comments, and viral videos capture mainstream attention and drive the decisions of their customers.

What drives us?

Your results. It’s heart pumping to see what we do that helps businesses to grow. We are excited to be a part of your business growth because we get rewarded too, just like you do financially.

Our goal is simple. You grow, we grow. It’s reciprocal and works. Also, we provide the evidence of your online progress in a way everyone can understand, right to your inbox.

Work with a winner

In 2023, we were excited to be voted by AI Global Media and their CEO Monthly as CEO of the Year for 2023 in Tennessee.


For the time being…

This guy is the decider of decisions with some of the small decisions. Of course he’s not as mighty and powerful as you may think, but he does have some clout.

Brady Burba is the founder & CEO of Advagy. With 23+ years in technology, he has helped tens of thousands overcome tech limitations through his teaching methods, helping them to become DIY’ers.

Having owned and operated multiple businesses since 2004, implementing scalable systems in marketing, sales, presentation, capital raising, branding, website design, among others, has helped businesses get the right message to the right audience.

Also, if you are a successful business owner needing capital to expand and grow, we would love to talk.